Is Your Android Device At Risk? Goldoson malware Affects These 60 Apps

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The Google Play Store has been infiltrated by a new and harmful Android malware known as “Goldoson,” infecting 60 legitimate apps with an astonishing 100 million downloads collectively. The malware was discovered by McAfee’s research team, who found that the third-party library used by all sixty apps was unknowingly infected by the malicious Goldoson component. Among the popular apps that have been impacted by this malware are L.POINT with L.PAY, Swipe Brick Breaker, Money Manager Expense & Budget, and GOM Player, to name a few.

The malware is capable of collecting data on installed apps, WiFi and Bluetooth-connected devices, and the user’s GPS locations, making it incredibly dangerous for the privacy and security of users. Furthermore, Goldoson can also perform ad fraud by clicking ads in the background without the user’s consent. This poses a significant threat to users who are unaware of the malware’s existence on their devices.

When a user opens an app containing Goldoson, the library registers the device and receives its configuration from a remote server. The configuration contains parameters that set which data-stealing and ad-clicking functions Goldoson should run on the infected device and how often. The data collection function typically activates every two days, sending a list of installed apps, geographical location history, MAC addresses of devices connected over Bluetooth and WiFi, and more to the C2 server.

Although McAfee’s research team alerted Google of their findings, Goldoson still poses a threat to users as it is present on third-party Android app stores. To mitigate the risk of infection, users should apply the latest available updates to any impacted app downloaded from Google Play. However, it is recommended to download apps only from trusted sources like Google Play and avoid third-party app stores altogether.

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To protect your Android device from Goldoson and other malware, you should stay vigilant and download apps only from trusted sources. It is also crucial to keep your device updated with the latest security patches and app updates. Additionally, consider using a reputable mobile security app to scan for threats and detect any malware present on your device.

In conclusion, it is essential to be proactive in protecting your personal data and ensuring a safe mobile experience. Always remember to download apps from trusted sources, keep your device updated, and use a reputable mobile security app to detect any threats. Staying alert and informed can prevent the potential risks and harms of malicious malware like Goldoson.


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