Beware of the WhatsApp Pink Scam!

A recent WhatsApp forward has been circulating, enticing users with the promise of a new and official version of WhatsApp featuring a pink theme and exciting new features. This seemingly harmless message, known as ‘WhatsApp Pink,’ claims that the latest version can be downloaded and installed.

However, the reality is far from what it appears. ‘WhatsApp Pink’ is actually a malicious app that poses a significant threat to your personal data. It has the ability to pilfer sensitive information such as banking details, OTPs, photos, and contacts without your knowledge.

Unraveling the truth behind this scam, internet security researcher Rajshekhar Rajaharia uncovered it back in April 2021. The Mumbai Police Cyber Crime Wing has also issued warnings about this deceptive tactic, urging users to be cautious and offering guidelines on how to protect themselves.

To safeguard yourself from falling victim to WhatsApp Pink-like scams, it is crucial to download and install apps solely from trusted sources, such as the Google Play Store. Apple users need not fret, as Apple’s stringent policies prohibit app installations from unknown sources, providing an additional layer of protection.

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Installing programs from unfamiliar websites or APKs given by unknown individuals should be avoided. You can use the ‘Forwarded’ label on WhatsApp to determine if your friend is the original sender or if the message came from elsewhere, aiding in identifying potential risks.

In the unfortunate event that you have already installed WhatsApp Pink, you must take immediate action to remove it from your device. Start by unlinking all suspicious devices from the ‘Linked devices’ section in WhatsApp. Be aware that this malicious app may attempt to conceal itself from the list of installed apps. If that happens, navigate to your phone settings app, access the ‘Apps’ section, locate ‘WhatsApp Pink’ with its distinctive pink logo, and hit the uninstall button. In some cases, the app may not display a name in the app list, so ensure that you uninstall any unidentified apps as well.

By staying vigilant and following these precautionary measures, you can safeguard your personal data and protect yourself from falling prey to deceptive scams like WhatsApp Pink. Always prioritize security and exercise caution when downloading apps or clicking on unfamiliar links to keep your digital life secure.


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