How to Make UPI Payments Without the Internet

Making payments online through UPI has been the easiest and most convenient way to pay here in the country. Over the years, India has surpassed countries like China and the USA in the number of online transactions. With the increase in dependency on UPI, there are situations where you need to make an urgent payment, but the internet doesn’t work. So here’s a guide on how to do transactions using UPI without the internet.

For UPI transactions, you need an active internet connection. However, there is also an offline solution that allows UPI transactions without the Internet. You only need to dial the official USSD code from your mobile phone.

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This service, introduced by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), ensures that users can access banking services even without internet connectivity. By dialing the *99# USSD code, one can complete various banking operations, including sending and receiving interbank funds, checking account balances, and setting or changing the UPI PIN.

Here’s a detailed step-by-step guide on using the *99# USSD code to make UPI payments in case you are outside the internet coverage area.

Follow these simple steps to transfer money from UPI offline

Step 1: Dial *99# from your registered mobile number linked with your bank account.

Step 2: A menu with available banking facilities will appear on your mobile screen. Options including:

  • Send Money
  • Request Money
  • Check Balance
  • My Profile
  • Pending Request
  • Transactions
  • UPI Pin

Step 3: Type ‘1’ and tap ‘Send’ to send money.

Step 4: Choose a method to send money: mobile number, UPI ID, saved beneficiary, or other options. Enter the corresponding number and tap ‘Send’.

Step 5: If you choose to transfer via mobile number, enter the receiver’s mobile number linked to their UPI account and tap ‘Send’.

Step 6: Enter the amount you wish to transfer and tap ‘Send’.

Step 7: Provide a note for the payment if desired.

Step 8: Enter your UPI PIN to complete the transaction.

Step 9: Now, your UPI transaction will be processed offline successfully.

You can also disable this service. To disable UPI services offline, dial *99# from your registered phone number and follow the instructions provided.

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