Your SBI Account May Be Suspended If Not Linked To Aadhaar; Here’s How To Do It

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Are you a State Bank of India (SBI) customer and haven’t linked your Aadhaar number to your bank account yet? You must do it now or latest by December-end, else your bank account may be suspended. SBI has recently tweeted that “Avail benefits of the digital life. Simply link your Aadhaar number with your bank account.” It further said, “In terms of amended PML rules dated 1st June 2017, all existing customers are requested to submit Aadhaar number by 31st December 2017, failing which the account shall cease to be operational till the time Aadhaar number is submitted.”

It may be noted that the issue about messages received from banks and mobile service providers was recently raised in the Supreme Court also by senior lawyer K V Vishwanathan, who was representing one of the petitioners. Vishwanathan told the bench, which also comprised Justice Ashok Bhushan, that the people were “in a panicky situation” as the messages received from the banks and telecom service providers were threatening them of deactivation of accounts or mobile numbers if they failed to link them with Aadhaar.

During the hearing, Vishwanathan said the Centre should tell the banks and mobile service providers not to send such messages but they should instead inform the customers about the last date of linking Aadhaar. The apex court later made it clear that banks and telecom service providers will have to indicate the last date of linking the accounts and mobile numbers with Aadhaar in their communications with the customers.

Whatever be the case, you are now required to link your Aadhaar number with your bank account by 31st December 2017. Apart from State Bank Anywhere (mobile app), you can do so through various other channels given below:

Aadhaar linking through Internet Banking portal

# If you are an Internet banking user, then you can log into and access the link ‘Link your Aadhaar number’ under ‘My Accounts’, appearing on the left panel of the screen.

# On clicking the above link, you will be directed to a screen where you have to select the Account number, input the Aadhaar number and click on Submit.

# The last 2 digits of registered mobile number (non-editable) will be displayed to the customer.

# Status of mapping will be advised to the Customer’s registered mobile number.

Aadhaar linking through ATM channel

# You can access any of SBI ATMs and seed your Aadhaar with your bank account.

# After swiping the ATM card and entering your PIN, Select the menu ‘Service – Registrations’

# In this menu, select Aadhaar Registration (or Inquiry as per your need)

# You can now select the Account type (Savings/Checking) after which you will be asked to enter your Aadhaar number. You will be prompted to re-enter the same.

Aadhaar linking through SMS

# If your mobile number is registered with SBI, then you can send SMS to 567676 in the following format UID(space)Aadhaar number(space)Account number.

# If the mobile number is not registered or in case the Aadhaar is already linked to account, an SMS reply will be sent to you.

# If your mobile number is registered with the bank, you will receive an SMS confirmation of the seeding request.

# The Aadhaar number will be verified by the bank with UIDAI. In case it fails verification, SMS will be sent to you to contact any SBI branch along with Aadhaar number or e-Aadhaar.

Aadhaar linking through SBI Branch channel

# You can visit any SBI branch with a copy of your Aadhaar number or e-Aadhaar.

# At the branch, a Letter of Request will be obtained from you along with the Xerox copy of the Aadhaar letter.

# After necessary verification, the linking will be done by the branch. An SMS will be sent to your registered mobile number regarding the status of the seeding.


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