Your Answer To This Tricky Interview Question Can Get You Hired!

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The current job market is extremely competitively. Employers want people they hire to have better skills. Employees need to be versatile and open to the idea of learning on-site and imbibing news ideas in as less time as possible.

For many people, interviews can be a tough egg to crack. You feel the pressure of performing better as well as the pressure of the interviewer evaluating you. It makes you feel like you’re back in school taking an exam. Instead of the “test” having one clear and a right answer can actually win you the job.

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There are some questions that are guaranteed to come up in most of your job interviews, regardless of your experience level or even your job type. And one of the dreaded yet the most important question asked will be “Tell me about yourself”.

After greeting, shaking hands and introducing yourself, this is the very next thing that interviewer is probably going to ask you to get the conversation started.

According to hiring experts, this question can make most of the candidates ramble as they find it very overwhelming. This happens to candidates because the question is very broad and open.

Now you don’t have to answer this question in the most literal sense. There’s a reason the interviewer is asking you this. His goal for this question is to find out enough about you to decide if you’re a good fit for the job opening. And since it’s the first question to be asked, it is also a big chance given by an interviewer for you to make a first impression.

What to avoid:
Avoid mentioning personal info such as your marital status, your political or religious connections, etc, as these can be sensitive topics which later might work against you as a candidate. Don’t waste this opportunity by giving a long recitation of your entire resume, just enough to get you the job.

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What you should say:
Best way to answer this question is to talk about your experience in such a manner that compels the interviewer to believe that you are a perfect match for the role. While answering it, always remember to emphasize the points that you want this potential employer to know about you.

You can even tell stories if you want, but always end up with reasons why you are perfect for the job you have applied for. In the end, the only thing that matters is that your motivations are crystal clear in the excitement for this role in the company.

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Your work accomplishment, personal endeavors and qualifications are vital But how you present yourself in an interview can either make or break it for you.

The current job market is fast evolving and it is no longer confined to a 9-to-5 schedule. Employers want their prospective workers to adapt themselves quickly to newer concepts.

Your interview is st keeping these parameters in mind. It is impossible to have a perfect answer to every question thrown your way. But will a little preparedness and keeping few pointers in mind, one can definitely ace it.

Almost everybody whoever goes for a job interview is a little bit afraid. After all, this opportunity could change your life. So don’t worry and make sure you prepare yourself to address that specific question before going for an interview.

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