You’ll Soon Be Able To Stop Your Old iPhone From Slowing Down

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In December 2017, Apple finally acknowledged that its software sometimes deliberately slows down phones with a weak battery. Apple apologized and lowered the price of battery replacements in its stores from $79 to $29 for affected phones. However, this led to a huge uproar from its customers. On January 24th, Apple said it’s adding a feature to an upcoming iOS update that will let them turn off software that slows down older iPhones. The company had for long refused to divulge this information even though battery health has long been easy to check on Apple’s Mac computers.

Apple said an update to its iOS operating system will show the phone’s battery health and recommend whether the battery needs to be replaced. It will also let users turn off a controversial piece of software that slows the phone’s performance in some situations when the battery is flagging.

Apple has always banned battery-health apps from the App Store for security reasons. While a few developers had found ways around the restrictions, their apps stopped showing a key piece of information – the “charge cycle count”.

All lithium-ion batteries degrade over time. Until the software update announced by the company becomes available – and Apple has not given a specific date – the only way to check an iPhone battery is to take the device to an Apple Store or hook the phone up to a Mac computer running special third-party software.

Apple will release the iOS update to beta users shortly, but the new battery feature will arrive in a later beta release, the company said.

The planned features may help smooth over some customers’ anger about slowdowns and show that Apple is trying to be more transparent about performance changes it makes to older iPhones.


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