You Soon Will Be Able to Call Without SIM Card; Here’s How It Will Work

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Have you been facing poor network and a frequent number of call drops? There might be relief soon.

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) made an announcement to soon open Internet telephony across the entire country for all the devices. According to official reports, made this proposal to the Indian government in October last year. The government will now allow telcos such as Bharti Airtel, Reliance Jio and Vodafone to roll out the new service.

This means that now for one to make a call there is no need of SIM card and the call can also be made to the landline numbers. The way it is supposed to work is with the help of an internet telephony app which will be providers by the telecom service providers to mobile users, so the callers will no longer be needing the SIM cards. A voice on an Internet line goes as a data packet and occupies very little bandwidth.

Thus, the one who is calling will be needing a data connection, whereas it is not mandatory for the call receiver to get one. This new service is going to bring a lot of changes, with one being the enhancement of call quality especially in places where the quality of service is an ongoing issue.

The framework for Internet telephony (interconnect charges) will be no different than that of regular mobile and landline calls. Right now the internet telephony in the country is not unlimited and so an individual currently need a SIM to use the service and hence they can make calls from the app that runs on the internet but not from app to landline or app to mobile as telecom operators and app companies don’t have interconnected agreements yet.

According to the reports, the upcoming internet telephony service will disrupt the market of already popular apps like Skype as well as WhatsApp and so these big companies will now have sing in with interconnecting agreements with telecom service providers. Right now these companies are not obliged to pay any charges to the government or even to the telecom services provider, but all of that is going to change.

In fact, other than providing the internet telephony services to their users they now will have to pay for the license to the government and interconnect charges to the telecom service providers.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, the Telecom Commission also approved a proposal by the Department of Telecommunications to allow travellers to make calls and even use the internet on aircraft.


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