WhatsApp Testing Message Preview Feature; Read To Know More

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WhatsApp constantly keeps working on bringing new features to its users. Some beta users already get most of the updates way earlier than other users. This new update comes from the blog updating information about WhatsApp, WABetaInfo.

Now, the social messaging app is testing the ability to preview forwards before sending them. This recent move means that users will get one more step before forwarding a text, image, GIF, video, or any other content to multiple users. This is notably being done to ensure that the users deliver the message to the right recipients.

In other words, this will enable WhatsApp users to retract their decision of forwarding a message WhatsApp tipster. WABetaInfo spotted this feature in Android beta version 2.18.325. The tipster notes that WhatsApp is testing a forward preview feature that will pop up before you forward an item.

However, there have been no details released regarding this update. Since the news of the preview feature comes just from a tweet, there is no for sure announcement whether or not the update will be seen on the stable build.

Another important feature that WABetaInfo has listed is the private reply function. This new feature which is currently available on WhatsApp Beta allows users to reply privately to a message sent on group chat.

The new functionality allows users to privately send messages to a participant in a group without letting others in the same group know. They will just have to tap, hold and select the message. Once you choose the option, the selected message will open privately in the chat window of the sender in the form of a reply thread.

Another update that WhatsApp has introduced is their Swipe to reply feature which makes it very convenient for the users to respond to a particular message on their chat screen. To recall, this feature was already available on WhatsApp for iOS. However, it was missing from Android. In its latest array of updates, WhatsApp has thankfully included this small feature in its set of other updates.

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