WhatsApp Features We Can’t Wait To Get Launched: Tap To Read

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WhatsApp has a tendency to introduce new features and improvements very often. Also, a majority of these WhatsApp features are rolled out in order to improve the overall experience of the users. This instant messaging platform WhatsApp when it was launched in November 2009 has now become popular in the country. The application has evolved a lot since the day of its launch and in the years passed the app has added several new features.

Several new and interesting features have been added, however, there still remain a number of features that users would really like to see on WhatsApp. Following is the wish list of these users.

Dark Mode on WhatsApp

This particular feature is one that everybody has been rooting for some time now and the good news is that it has finally been spotted in Beta. The soon to be announced feature essentially changes the app background to black colour from white for less strain on eyes and to save battery life. Also, it will be great for when you use the app during night time as it should put less strain on your eyes while you are chatting on WhatsApp.

Like, dislike button for WhatsApp DP, status & group messages

Just like Facebook’s Like and Dislike button people have been waiting for this same feature to be announced on the platform as well. This feature if launched will give users the ability to convey their emotions more effectively. But much like the last seen for select contacts, this feature too remains a distant reality as WhatsApp currently looks in no mood to roll out such a feature for its over 1 billion strong user base.

Last seen to select contacts on WhatsApp

Right now the WhatsApp users can choose to enable or disable last seen to everyone. Sadly, WhatsApp for now even testing this feature in its beta updates, and as such it could be a long wait for the day that the messaging platform decides to listen to its users and roll out this particular feature.





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