WhatsApp ‘Delete For Everyone’ Feature Gets Major Update

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Last year WhatsApp introduced a ‘delete for everyone feature’ on its platform. WhatsApp’s delete messages for everyone was one of the most demanded features and allowed users to delete a sent message within 68 minutes if it was sent to a wrong recipient.

Apparently, this feature allowed senders to wipe off their messages 7 minutes after sending them, which clearly wasn’t enough time, which is why the creators then decided to increase the deleting duration to one hour eight minutes, and 16 seconds earlier this year. However now WhatsApp again is planning to make few changes in this feature, that apparently will restrict the deletion of the messages.

The new feature hasn’t been rolled out yet but WABetainfo hints that this may be added in future updates.Basically, the new update will restrict the senders from deleting their messages sent to the recipient weeks or months earlier. The latest WhatsApp update will be giving more power to the recipient rather than to the sender.

The feature will have a recipient limit of 13 hours, 8 minutes, and 16 seconds, if the recipient doesn’t receive the message in the aforementioned time limit then the sender won’t be able to delete it. The new recipient limit, however, doesn’t change anything for regular WhatsApp users.

Now the question comes that how this feature will really work, well the feature can work if the recipient phone was switched off for the entire duration, however, if the time limit somehow gets over then the revoke message feature won’t work for the recipient. No official updates regarding this new update, whether the sender will be notified that the revoke message request was turned down because of the time limit.

According to WABetainfo, who is keeping a track on the upcoming WhatsApp features, they have reported that the feature has apparently been implemented to stop the users from modifying the feature to delete the messages sent weeks, months, and years ago.

In the recent headlines, it has been speculated that WhatsApp recently is planning to switch to the ad-supported version of its app, which has been available to the users without any ads so far. according to several reports by WSJ, citing some WhatsApp officials suggests that imitating Facebook as well as Instagram, WhatsApp too is looking for ways to introduce advertisements in the Status feature.

WhatsApp recently has been making headlines for planning to switch to the ad-supported version of its app, which has been available to the users without any ads so far. A report by WSJ, citing some WhatsApp officials, suggests that WhatsApp is looking to introduce advertisements in the Status feature, much like what Facebook has done to the Instagram Stories.

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