What to avoid after accepting a job offer?

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In the current competitive job market, nobody can predict the future. You may be rejected even after your selection in pre-appointment screening processes if your professional behaviour doesn’t satisfy the HR representatives or hiring managers of the company where you want to work. And you might have to face many difficulties and unemployment in case you have already left your current job. Hence, it’s somewhere uncertain whether you‘re getting a job that you have applied for or have already cleared pre-appointment processes or not.  To escape difficulties, you must be cautious about what you shouldn’t do until after getting a job offer.
In this article, we have explained about some of them:
-Don’t update LinkedIn profile until you’re officially hired 
Haste results in waste; sometimes in the form of criticism and often in the form of rejection. You may have to face the same if you update your LinkedIn profile hastily while adding your next job that is just being offered by a company. In addition, it would somewhere damage your confidence, which could result in many rejections. So, don’t update your LinkedIn profile until you accept the job offer.
You can never predict whether you’re surely getting a job that you have applied for or have cleared all the pre-appointment processes for it or not. You might have to face unemployment or even have to struggle for your survival as an individual in case you have already left your current job. So, never leave a position that you’re occupying in your current company until occupying a position in the next company.
-Don’t stop job-search
Don’t stop job search because anything can happen with the job offer you do currently have. In case you couldn’t get it, you have to try for next. It might be difficult or give poor result when you begin to search for new job hastily after being rejected by the company. Moreover, you may lose many better options in comparison to a job offer which is being given to you by a company in case you stop hunting for new jobs. So, continue to search for a new job until you feel satisfied and secured in your next company.
-Always work on a company’s payroll
Your efforts, hard work and time might go in vain if you begin to work for your prospective employer before you’re officially appointed. And, you can’t officially claim for compensation because it isn’t legally valid. So, don’t work until you’re officially appointed to your next company.
-Facilitate handovers
It’s basic professional courtesy to help out during the transition period, either by training your replacement or writing detailed instructions for a future new hire. Leave your electronic and paper files in good order. Now is also a good time to give your desk a thorough decluttering and cleaning, making sure you don’t leave behind an article of clothing or anything personal.
-Don’t apply for a loan on the basis of prospective job
It might seriously damage your professional image if your possible employer is approached for a recovery of a debt pending on your part. In addition, it might lead you to immediate rejection and legal confrontation which could damage your professional image. So, don’t take a loan on basis of the possible future job.
In the corporate world where there are uncertainties around a selection of a candidate for a position in a company, preventing bad effects of uncertainties and continue to grow as a professional is completely difficult tasks. But by avoiding to update the Linked profile with a job offer, continuing job-search, staying in current until official appointment in next,  avoid working for a prospective employer, keeping LinkedIn contact list along,  and avoid using job offer for a loan application,  you can prevent the bad effects to uncertainties. In this article, we have elaborately explained the uncertainties and its possible effects which could help you to prevent them.
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