Want To Check If Your Aadhaar Was Misused? Here’s A Way To Track It

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Aadhaar card is considered as the world’s largest biometric ID system, with over 1.19 billion enrolled members of India.
In fact, for people living in this country, Aadhaar card has become one of the most important personal document.

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Its importance can be proved by the fact that from a few months back linking of this document is being made mandatory, such as linking it to your mobile number, PAN and bank account.

The fear of misuse of our personal data constantly accompanies in our lives. This fear was also stoked a month ago when a media report came to the light where details of over 1 billion Aadhaar card numbers were available for mere Rs 500. And so It is important for one to make sure that nobody else is using for nefarious purposes.

So to improve the security of the most important personal document Aadhar, the UIDAI has come up with a service that lets you check the history of Aadhaar authentication.

The ‘Aadhaar Authentication History’ option on the UIDAI website allows you to check where your Aadhaar number was previously used by someone else other than you for authentication purpose.

These are the steps you need to follow:
-Firstly visit the official UIDAI website – uidai.gov.in. After arriving at the site’s homepage click on “Aadhaar Authentication History” tab that you will find under Aadhaar Services section.

-After clicking on “Aadhaar Authentication History” a page will open on your screen. Now enter the Aadhaar number and the security code in designated fields on your screen. Then, click on Generate OTP.

-On filling up the details it asked you, an OTP will be sent to your verified mobile number. Do note that the verified mobile number also need to be linked to your Aadhaar or you won’t be able to proceed.

-After entering the OTP, a new page will ask you to select the kind of authentication you feel more comfortable to checkwith. Your options include Biometrics, Demographics, OTP, Demographic & Biometric, Biometric & OTP and Demographic and OTP.

However, if you don’t want to choose among the abovementioned options then there is also an “All” option, with this option you can search for every entry.

-After the verification process is done, the UIDAI will provide you with the history of your Aadhaar entry of the past 7 months. You can also check the details of a specific period if you want, for that just enter the date.

-Then a whole new OTP will be sent to your verified mobile number which in turn will lead to a detailed authentication history of the dates you have selected in the previous step.

-If you find suspicious entries that you can’t seem to recognize while looking at the history, then you can register a complaint by calling UIDAI on 1947 or you can also forward your details to help@uidai.gov.in.

After finding the results, one also need to note that these results will still not show you who made the requests.

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