Want A Job At Indian Railways? Here’s What You Should Avoid Doing

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The Indian Railways is not just the largest employer in India but it’s also the eighth largest in the world.  It has over 14 lakh employees on its payroll. It is also one of the best employers in the country, offering its employees all that they can aspire to or desire. Needless to say, vacancies at Indian Railways sees a mad rush of applications being registered. A railway job is considered prestigious and safe with numerous benefits and perks.

This has also led scams related to railway jobs since a large number of people aspire to be recruited by the organization. People are often lured by job promises and end up losing money which they pay for their appointment as it turns out to be a fake. In a bid to put light on such attempts, the Southern Railways’ Salem division has issued a notification.

Lately, many institutions have sprouted across urban areas that offer a ‘safety training course’. These institutions run a short time course that offers its students a ‘guaranteed’ job in the Indian Railways.

The Railway board’s notification warns people against falling for these dubious courses. These institutions are enrolling students and reportedly collecting hefty sums from on the false assurance of providing them railway jobs. Warning the job aspirants, the Railways clarified that it does not run any such college or safety training course and that recruitment is only through authorized recruitment bodies such as the Railway Recruitment Board and Railway Recruitment Cell.

The only way to get a job in Indian Railways is through hard work.

Earlier it was reported that the Railways has started investigating what its officials believe is an “audacious” racket in which an unidentified man conducted “job interviews” inside the ministry’s headquarters, and issued “appointment letters” with forged signatures of former Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu for the post of ticket collector.


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