Twitter’s New Strategy To Stop Fake News Will Affect The Indian Users

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Twitter, in order to deal with trolling and to curb fake news, is partnering with the law enforcement agencies and regulators so that the social networking sites can be controlled at the time of 2019 Lok Sabha Elections.

Country director of Twitter India, Taranjeet Singh stated in an interview that various steps will be taken in order to check the authenticity of posts during the general Lok Sabha elections.

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He also said that they are trying to verify and are building capacities of political candidates so that the Twitter users are easily able to identify which person they want to follow. Twitter is partnering with one of the best media companies for coverage and live streams. As the 2019 Lok Sabha elections are already quite a buzz around the internet and the engagement of the users during the elections will be more and are expecting a lot of conservations during the elections in 2019.

In recent Karnataka Assembly elections, it was recorded that there were around three million mentions on the social platform in just three weeks between April 25 and May 15. Taranjeet Singh said that the popularity of Twitter has increased including the sectors like auto, banking and financial services and technology.

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The profit of Twitter during the first quarter of the year jumped 53 percent in international revenue and the main point is that the revenue by the end of March reached a profit around 4 billion rupees or 50 paise per share.

The country director of Twitter India said that the news or media partners are important as they are the ones who will bring credibility to the news and their point of view will be equally important during the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

Twitter has also introduced emoji as they can make the conversation even more interesting and it will work on almost every android phones and iOS platforms. In April 2018, a new emoji was launched specially for the event of the 14th Malaysian General Election which was available on the Twitter until May 16. The emoji appeared when the hashtags #Malaysia Election, #GE14 or #PRU14 were used in the tweet.

As mentioned in a report Twitter is planning to invest more in India as it is one of the fastest growing markets around the world. According to Taranjeet Singh, there is a great traction in terms of user engagement as many brands are working with Twitter which eventually has helped the company to grow.


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