This Super Easy Trick Will Tell You If Your Facebook Account Has Been Hacked

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Our virtual life is as important to us as is our real life. Every day, scores of people post numerous pictures and videos and share posts on their social media profiles. While tech companies who own these platforms have sophisticated malware detection programmes, it is never 100% fool-proof from cyber-attacks.

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The news is flooded with repeated attempts by cybercriminals to hack into people’s account and extract valuable information. Facebook, on the most popular social media platform, has been a victim of hacking too.

Numerous accounts have been compromised in the past. While Facebook keeps on updating its system to deter cyber fraud, it cannot always protect profiles.

With the amount of information, that many of us share on the platform it is important to ensure its safety. Here, Facebook too on its part has several tools to help users safeguard their accounts.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how users can keep their accounts safe.

Open Facebook and click on the arrow icon on the top right corner.
Click on Settings.

Click on the Security and log in on the left, just below General.

Here you can see the complete log of gadgets that you have used to login into your Facebook account as well as the date and time. The list is comprehensive as it has details of all the various devices through which you have logged-in, starting from the day you opened your Facebook account.

If there is a device that you don’t recognize, chances are that your account may have been hacked. For those devices, click on the three-dot icon on the right side of every device and you will find a ‘Not You?’ option.

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After this, Facebook will ask you to Secure Account and will show a detailed guide with various options that you can use to further strengthen the security of your account.

Against every device, you will find an option to log out. Also, at the end of the list, there’s an option to log out of all sessions together at the same time.

You can also go for two-factor authentication. According to Google, enabling two-factor authentication can vastly secure your accounts online. But it is also a step that more than 80% of users have not gone through.

Once enabled, you will get an SMS on your mobile phone that will then be required whenever you login from a new device. Also, you can choose your trusted contacts that can help you unlock your account if it ever gets hacked.

Given how much data we’ve added to our profiles, it’s more important than ever to make sure you stay on top of Facebook’s privacy settings.

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