This Jio Offer Will Let You Win Prizes While Watching LIVE IPL Matches

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Reliance Jio is again in the news and this time the telco has brought some good news for all the cricket lovers of the country.

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In the season of IPL, the telco has introduced a pack for all the cricket lovers ion the country. The pack available at Rs. 251 only will allow cricket lovers to get access to stream all the live matches of the entire season of Indian Premier League directly on their mobile throughout the duration of 51 days.

This is the first-of-its-kind cricket pack launched by Jio offers data of 102 GB or gigabytes. From April 7, Reliance Jio has introduced this Cricket Season Pack to its users.

This pack will allow cricket lovers to get access to their favourite live matches on mobile and stream almost every LIVE Indian Premier League matches. The live stream will be available on Jio’s official app, MyJio app.

However, that is not it, other than this Jio pack, Reliance has also rolled out a live video game on its MyJio app for the cricket enthusiasts. The Jio game known as Jio Cricket Play Along allows the MyJio app users to win prizes while they watch Vivo IPL matches.

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The Jio Cricket Play along offer enables the users to play a Live game in sync with the live cricket match. The game is available for all IPL matches across seven weeks and can be played in 11 languages.

Interested Jio users can play the game on the MyJio App. However, one needs to keep in mind that to be able to sign up, one must a Jio number of Jio service ID.

To continue users has to tap on ‘play game’ button, after which you will be prompted to create a player’s profile. Once you will create a player’s profile, you will then be asked questions about the Vivo IPL Live cricket match that is taking place at that particular moment.

The asked questions would obviously revolve around the cricket march that is being telecast on the MyJio app.

In the Jio Cricket Play Along, a player can be asked questions around runs in an over, among others. According to the video that Jio recently tweeted on its official handle, there could be a question on the number of runs that the team will score in the over that is being played. The options include 1-10 runs, 11-15 runs, 16-20 runs and over 20 runs.

If you select the right option, you will get to win the prizes.

For further details about the game, one can download the MyJio app.


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