This Airline Is Giving You A Chance To Fly First Class On Booking Economy

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Domestic airline major Jet Airways is giving flyers a chance to upgrade to an economy or premiere class ticket to a first class seat. Their latest offer was launched only yesterday on their official website.

Under this new offer, a person who has bought a ticket of Jet Airways can bid an upgrade from an economy class travel to first class travel through the airline’s official website The offer will open for bidding only seven days prior to the flight’s departure.

If a flyer is eligible for an upgrade, he/she will receive an invitation to do so in the duration of 7 days before their flight’s departure. You can make any updates to your departure, such as cancelling or changing an upgrade before 25 hours to the departure of the respective flight. If your bid is successful, you will receive an e-mail notification anytime up to 24 hrs before departure.

The bid you want to make for a flight travel upgrade need to be placed under the section namely “Manage My Booking”. You will also have to pay the amount you are willing to spend for an upgrade. Once you are done with the payment of your bidding amount, and your bidding is accepted as per the defined timelines, then you would not be allowed to make any changes.

Also, if your bid turns out to be unsuccessful, customers cannot make a new bid offer. While all bidders have to submit their credit card details during the bidding process, only the card of the winning bidder will be charged. A revised e-ticket will be sent to the winning bidder.

If the customers do not wish to bid, they can pay a certain fixed amount Jet Airways Instant Upgrade scheme. This will save the flyer from the risk of losing both their money as well as their travel ticket. However, somehow if your offer turns out to be unsuccessful, then you will receive an email informing the same no later than 24 hours prior to departure and you can travel with your existing ticket. Your card will not be charged for the bidding of the respective ticket.

Launched in collaboration with PlusGrade, which works with leading global airlines, ‘JetUpgrade’ has been made available across the airline’s entire network of 65 domestic and international destinations, and on all flights operated by it.

In addition to this attractive scheme, the Jet Airways is also running a contest to offer two couple plane tickets to Amsterdam.

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