Thinking Of Starting A Youtube Channel? Follow These Tips For Success

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So you’re thinking of taking the plunge into YouTube for a serious change? Given that 300 hours of video are uploaded every single minute to the platform, it is a really smart move but is not as easy as the process to create a website.

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Don’t expect success if you plan to create a YouTube channel. Success doesn’t come overnight. You cannot just upload one video and then neglect it completely. It takes time, effort as well as consistency.
Here are some pointers that will help you reach that success.

1. Now that you’ve decided to create a YouTube channel, your second step is to direct the focus of your channel as well as the objective. Determine what you want to achieve. The sort of customers you would to watch your YouTube channel? Experienced or newbies?

2. Figure out your niche. Find out that one idea or concept that you want to build your channel on and you should spend a ton of time figuring out your niche.

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Writing down 50 to 100 ideas that you can later have a look at for making the videos. You can also type them into YouTube’s search box to see what comes up. See what your competitors are doing. See what hobbyists are doing.

3. Try to make your video short because these days everybody wants bite-sized information and your first and foremost motive for your channel at the beginning should be that more and more people should come to watch it.

When you are just starting out all they have to judge whether they’ll watch your video is the title, thumbnail, and length of the video. If they see a long video they won’t bother to click.

4. Have you ever noticed that the thumbnail of a youtube video is the first thing that makes us click the watch video tab and also the title? This implies that while collecting an audience you have to separate yourself from other youtube videos with your title and the thumbnail.

Sure, YouTube uses your video’s description and tags in its search index, but title and thumbnail is what that counts. So make sure your thumbnail stands out.

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5. The same SEO techniques that you’re using on your web pages apply to your video titles. Make sure to include a keyword with a purpose to entice humans to click on your video.

Also, the first two lines of your video’s description are usually shown in YouTube’s search results. So make those two lines count.

6. Don’t be a nameless and faceless entity. Engage with your audiences on YouTube to connect with them. You can engage with your audience in the comments section of your videos. You can consume this time by taking few suggestions and things that need to be changed.

7. Ask Viewers to subscribe to your channel everywhere you can. One common technique is to create an “end slate” for every one of your videos where you ask viewers to subscribe to your channel and to check out some of your other videos.

On Facebook, tell your followers to subscribe to your channel. Do the same on Twitter and Instagram.


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