The Best New WhatsApp Features You Might Have Missed

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From features that help curb fake news to viewing a video without leaving the messenger, WhatsApp has been introducing way too many updates this whole year.

However, some features are only available only to certain users, more commonly known as beta users. So if you too want to be among the one who gets latest features, then simply click on this link and become a WhatsApp beta tester. You can always opt out of beta by going to the same link.

The following is the list of the most exciting updates of this year. The features in testing can be tried out only via WhatsApp beta. Here are some of the features in testing as well as some rolled-out features.

Features in testing:

Private reply

Simply long press the message you wish to reply, then tap on the hamburger icon on the top right and then tap on reply privately.


With this beta feature, you can watch the YouTube video in a box hovering over the chat window.

Vacation mode/silent mode

This will allow users to keep archived chats hidden until either you send the recipient a message or unarchive the chat.A similar “silent mode” lets users disable app badges coming from a muted conversation.

Media Preview

This will allow you to preview any media directly via your notification tray. So you can simply swipe down on the message and see it without opening the app itself.

Dark Mode

A mode that turns everything that’s bright and lively to a darker theme for night time use, so it’s less harsh on your eyes.

Swipe to reply

Instead of holding down a message and then typing, you can now swipe the message to the right and reply.

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Features in stable version:

WhatsApp stickers

To try out the stickers, you need to update to the latest stable version of WhatsApp. Once you’ve done that, you can find the stickers icon right next to the emoji and GIF icons in the emoji menu. You are then greeted with three tabs—one with your recent stickers, second with your favourites and the third containing all the stickers.

Suspicious link

This is basically to grab your attention so you don’t mindlessly open anything that’s sent to you; just so that you’re sure you give your consent.

Forward limit, forwarded stamp

Users can know if the message they’ve received is forwarded or not. It has also put a limit to the number of times a user can forward a message, the limit being set at 5 forwards per message.

Video and voice group calling

Also in August, WhatsApp announced a group video and audio calling feature that allows adding up to 3 participants in a call.

Mark as read

This feature allows users to dismiss a message by tapping the “mark as read” button in the notification tray.



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