Almost 1 In 10 Job Openings In This Field Are From This Country

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Although blockchain technology has only been effectively employed in the past decade, its roots can be traced back far further. In order to validate the blocks in the same manner as a traditional private ledger, the blockchain employs complicated calculations.

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The recruiters in India have the most number of job openings with people who have an expertise in blockchain technology and also in crypto. In today’s economy, the demand for these experts is way higher than experts in the field of software, entertainment and government sectors.

It has been reported by professional network platform LinkedIn that almost 1 in 10 blockchain jobs posted in 2017 were from India only. The growth of blockchain or the crypto jobs has seen a rise from less than 1% in 2015 to about 7% in 2016 and over 8% in 2017.

International countries on the other hand, such as China and Singapore remained behind at 1.5% each, while Australia had 1%. However, US was recorded with the most demand for blockchain and crypto related jobs.

The trend is rising rapidly in the entire world. In fact, one job site noticed an increase in the number of crypto and blockchain jobs posted in the six months to November 2017 by 290%.

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Paul Dupuis, CEO of Randstad India, said in his official statement that the kind of skills that are needed to become an expert a blockchain technology expert one needs to have proficiency in several open source programming languages such as Core Java and Python and a working understanding of algorithms, data structures and other aspects that aid in smart contracts.

According to the data from Randstad, such expertise is rewarded with a salary range starting from Rs 8 lakh and can go up to Rs 22 lakh a year for someone who has an experience of more than 5 years.

Bengaluru ends up being the leading Indian city who gives a large number of candidates who inhibits skills with expertise in blockchain technology with over 36% of all the blockchain job postings, claimed data by the search engine Indeed. Bengaluru was followed by Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune and Chennai.

It becomes really hard to find a candidate with a certain set of skills that are needed for the job, clarified Thammaiah B, managing director at recruiting firm Kelly Services. This in turn forces company to hire freelancers for working on support and application development areas of a blockchain network, but even they are not able to create end-to-end applications/ frameworks.

Data from LinkedIn showed that software technology companies posted the most jobs for crypto and blockchain-related roles, followed by media and entertainment, and companies in the government/ education sector.


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