Tap To Find Out Which Apps Are Slowing Your Phone

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This is a story of everyone’s life who owns an Android device, your phone is capable of becoming sluggish, which eventually make the apps on your device crash often. But hey, we can’t blame Android alone for this, we have some apps which are poorly optimised for Android OS. We all have some apps that we use regularly yet they still get crashed often.

In fact, sometimes your Android device won’t be really friendly with them, it starts to slow down and show poor performance. Irrespective of how many GBs (RAM) your device has, you’ll always find such issues. To avoid this, we can better find that culprit app(s) and shut them down. Or we can even find a good alternative app for that and use it instead. Below are the steps that will help you find out the problem.

For this, you need to enable “Developer Options”. Just go to the “Settings” > “About phone” > “Build number”. Now you should be tapping on that, for like, 7 times, and then you’ll see a small popup saying “You are now a developer”. That’s it, you can see the “Developer options” under “Settings” now.

Now, follow this: “Settings” > “Developer options” > “Process Stats”. In this section, you can see the list of apps which are using the most memory or RAM. In other words, you can find the culprit here.

This show which app slows down your Android device and for how long or how many hours you’ve been using these apps. Some of you must have been using Facebook’s “Messenger” excessively as this is a major communication tool for a lot of us apart from WhatsApp. Just a few steps and you can find the top active apps consuming your phone’s memory. I’m pretty sure you’ll find your favourite apps on the top 5. But if they are slowing down your phone, then you need to kill them, unfortunately. This should speed your phone and lastly, don’t forget to restart your phone every day.



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