Stay Alert! Here’s How Criminals Are Stealing Money From Your Debit, Credit Cards

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In this technology-driven world, almost all our transactions are cashless. Be it our insurance policies, investment portfolios or online purchases, credit and debit cards have become extremely vital. With our dependency on digital forms of transaction growing, the threat of a card fraud has risen too.

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A card fraud is when cybercriminal can extract the information from debit and credit cards through numerous means. In today’s world, the threat of our wealth being stolen merely from our cards has grown manifolds.

Debit/credit cards-related frauds have alarmingly increased over the past year. According to cybercell statistics, cybercrime-related complaints saw a rise of 350% from 2013 and by over 44% from 2016.

Last year, Indian banks such as HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Yes Bank, Axis Bank and SBI were targets of the biggest financial data breach of the country. As many as 3.2 million debit cards were hacked.

It is important to stay alert. Here are few ways that criminals are targeting your card and the money in it.


In skimming, a counterfeit reader is fitted into ATM machine that reads and stores all the information given on the magnetic strip on the card. This information is later used by hackers for stealing money.

Fake Keyboards

Criminals are finding a more ingenious way to extract your card information. In this kind of fraud, a fake keyboard is placed on the actual keyboard of the ATM machine. When you type your pin on that, criminals get an access to it too making your credit or debit card extremely vulnerable.

Hidden Cameras

In the ATM vestibule, hidden cameras are installed near the ATM machine. These spy cameras are strategically fitted in a way to read your card PIN number. Since they are quite small in size, so are usually fitted near the keypad.


Many fake websites that look exactly like the original ones are created to fool the users. Numerous times, card users ending up using such websites instead of the real ones. Since it is impossible to know the difference between the real and the fake ones.

When you transact and pay via credit or debit cards, the card details are stored and later used to steal money from your account.

Keystroke Logging

This is especially used to steal net-banking information. Here, hackers make users unintentionally download a software, which allows the fraudster to trace their keystrokes and steal passwords or credit card and Net banking details.

False Front

False fronts are installed on the actual ATM machine. It is hard to recognize it. One way to differentiate between the real and the fake one is to see if the fonts look bigger than what you are used to seeing.

Public Wi-Fi

If you are used to carrying out transactions on your smartphone, never-ever do it using a public Wi-Fi. It is the easiest way to fall into hackers’ trap.


At times, ATM machines are injected with malware without anyone realizing this. When the user types his card info, hackers get easy access to the user’s card details.


Many have fallen for phishing scams, In this scenarios, you will get a mail which will appear to be from credible sources, like your bank or the T department. These emails will have an unsolicited link that will ask your card details. It is extremely vital to not fall for these scams.

Fake Apps

Google Play Store is filled with apps that appear credible but are actually fake. Always download apps from established app stores like Google Play or Apple’s App Stores as fake apps gain access to your confidential financial information.


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