Six Steps To E-Filing Your Income Tax Return Online

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The countdown for filing your income tax returns (ITR) has begun. Every salaried individual is obliged to file their income tax returns under the Income Tax Act 1961 with the Income Tax Department at the end of every financial year.

Citizens who do not file their income tax returns for the reason that their income is below the tax bracket but still are in fact obliged by law to file their tax returns each year.

There are various income tax return forms, beginning with ITR1 and ending at ITR7. But we only need to take a look at ITR1, which is what salaried individuals use. As the tax compliance is getting tighter, everyone should ensure timely filing of tax returns, to avoid any penalty and prosecution proceedings.

One should always keep certain thing handy while filing ITR such as Aadhaar number, PAN Card, Bank details and other investment documents. You can easily file your own ITR through e-filing portal using these 5 simple steps:

– The first thing you need to do for filing the ITR is to visit the e-filing official website at The taxpayer needs to note that they must be registered on E-filing portal where income tax return has to be uploaded.

If not, then you can register yourself filing in details such as PAN, password and also your date of birth. Your Aadhaar number also has to be linked to your PAN number. Already registered users can click on the ‘Login Here’ to proceed further to e-filing portal.

-After hitting the ‘Registered User’ tab. click on the ‘login’ switch, then you will be landed to the screen where all you have to do is enter your User ID (your PAN number), password, your date of birth and have to verify yourself with an auto-generated captcha.

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-After entering all the credentials successfully, just click on the login tab and you will proceed directly to a new window. Here you can view your previous/current history of ITR’s and also by clicking on ‘filing of ITR’ will help you proceed further taking you to a new window where you can file your new ITR.

-Now, when you are ready to file a new ITR, just enter your PAN, select the assessment year, select the ITR form which you need to file in appropriate columns and finally select the mode of submission to proceed further filing your returns.

-Verification of returns can be completed by using (a) Aadhaar OTP (b) Electronic Verification Code (EVC) or (c) sending signed acknowledgement physically to CPC-Bengaluru (within 120 days of filing the return).

-The last step of the process includes you getting your acknowledgement receipt after submitting the form.

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