SBI Official Guidelines Issued For All SBI Customers

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SBI has finally decided to take the responsibility of its consumers, to save them from the fraudsters. The officials of SBI have issued some guidelines for customers so that they can avoid falling prey to such scamsters.

Guidelines Set by SBI 

SBI has already taken some precautions from its end and right now has been quite alert in taking care that frauds don’t happen. From October 31, 2018, SBI reduced the ATM cash withdrawal limit to Rs. 20,000 per day which was previously Rs. 40,000.

These are the following guidelines issued by SBI in the mail for its customers

– Avoid sharing your SBI card to anyone, including company representatives and friends as well.

– Wherever you are required to put in your ATM PIN code anywhere in a public place, just make sure you cover the keypad with your hand

– Make sure you are present at the machine where it is being swiped.

– Be alert to collect your ATM card after the transaction is finished.

– Fraudsters often appear at your doorstep under the guise of being an SBI representative. Do not, under any circumstances, reveal your secret ATM pin to any stranger.

– Do not share PIN, OTP, CVV, and Net Banking user ID and password as well as other credentials with anyone, however, close they might be to you.

In case you face any unfortunate incident of fraud, here are the things you can actually do

– You can call the SBI’s customer care call centre.

– You can even send an email at

– SMS “Problem” to 9212500888.

– Contact the SBI at @SBICard_Connect.

– Visit any SBI branch nearest to you and report the transaction.


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