‘Roborace’ To Bring Driverless Technology To The Autosport International 2018

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Autosport International 2018, that will be held at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham from the 11th – 14th of January 2018, will see its Autosport Stage hold a ‘Roborace’ with all-electric race cars but with no humans to drive them. There is no driver and the Robocar has a mind of its own, quite literally. Robocar’s brain can carry out 24 trillion A.I. operations per second!

Robocar will now use Nvidia’s Pegasus AI autonomous-driving computing platform. The Pegasus AI unit will run the Roborace-developed software, which will control the car and interpret data from 18 onboard ultrasonic sensors, two optical speed sensors, six cameras, and a GPS unit. The Robocar weighs 975 kilograms and measures 4.8 metres long and two metres wide. It is propelled by four electric motors generating a combined 402 horsepower, which can get it up to a top speed of 198 mph.

The car is the brainchild of Daniel Simon, Roborace Chief Design Officer, an automotive futurist who creates vehicles for Hollywood sci-fi blockbusters, including Tron Legacy and Oblivian.

Roborace plans to run as a support series for Formula E, which features human-driven electric cars. The self-driving cars will essentially serve as an opening act for Formula E. Going from demonstration runs to a full grid of autonomous cars driving themselves in anger is a big leap. Even if Roborace can make that happen, it will have to convince the public that racing can still be exciting without human drivers.


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