Reliance Jio Prepaid Plans Under Rs.100 Compared, Read On To Find Out

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Reliance Jio always launches attractive prepaid and postpaid plans to its customers and it also provides low price prepaid service for the customers who do not want to spend too much money on prepaid plans. The telecom company, Reliance Jio has three prepaid recharge plans priced under Rs. 100. The price of the prepaid plans is Rs. 19, Rs. 52 and Rs. 98.

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All the three prepaid plans are very affordable for the Jio customers and these packs are offered under the name of Reliance Jio “sachet” plans. In these plans, voice calls are unlimited but the data benefits and validity of these plans vary. Here are the details available about the recharges present under the price range of 100 rupees.

The prepaid plan that comes with a price of 19 rupees has various benefits attached to it for the Jio customers. As stated in the official website of Reliance Jio, the recharge plan offers a total of 0.15 GB or gigabytes with high-speed data and when the 0.15 GB is used by the customer, the speed will reduce to 64 Kbps. The validity provided with this prepaid plan is of one day. As mentioned before the voice calls are unlimited and around 20 Jio SMS will be allowed in this plan. The important point to note is that the prepaid comes with a complimentary subscription of Jio apps.


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As mentioned in the, the prepaid plan with a price range of 52 rupees offers a total of 1.05 GB data with the high speed and the speed is reduced to 64 Kbps after the data plan is fully used. The prepaid plan offers unlimited voice calls and 70 SMS per day. This prepaid plan also provides complimentary subscription of Jio apps and this plan is valid for up to seven days.

The third and the last offer under the 100 rupees price range is the 98 rupees prepaid plan. This plan offers its customers with 2 GB data per day, unlimited voice calls and a total of 300 SMS and complimentary subscription of Jio apps. This prepaid plan comes with a validity for 28 days but earlier only 14 days validity was offered to the Jio customers.

Other than these three affordable prepaid, the Jio company also provide their customers with add-on packs priced at Rs. 11, Rs. 21, Rs. 51 and Rs. 101 and last week another very attractive postpaid plan at Rs. 199 per month was launched which gave the Jio customers, unlimited benefits and pre-activated international calls.


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