PM Modi’s App Is Sharing Your Personal Data Without Consent

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An allegation has been doing rounds in the news against NaMo app, the personal mobile application of Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi. The website is registered in the name of PM Modi on the address of the BJP office in Akbar Road, New Delhi.

According to a claim by the French security researcher Elliot Alderson, NaMo app is sharing private information of its users without their consent to a third-party company in the US known by the name Clever Tap.

The security researcher made this allegation about Modi’s up through a series of tweets claiming that when users create a profile on Narendra Modi Android app, their device information, as well as personal data, is sent to a third-party domain called, which apparently belongs to the US company.

The private information of the users that is being shared by the app includes operating software, network type, Carrier, etc. Not just that but other personal information of users such as email, photo, gender and name are also being shared with Clever Tap without consent.

According to the series of tweets by French researcher Alderson what happens is when you sign up on Narendra Modi’s official app, all your device info such as OS, network type, Carrier as well as your email, photo, gender, name are sent to a third-party domain called,&#8221, without your consent.

This domain, he revealed in his tweet, has been classified as a phishing link by the company G-Data. Meanwhile, the website is apparently hosted by GoDaddy with whois information hidden.

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The researcher then traced the domain back to Clever Tap. His tweet also stated that this organisation is the next generation app engagement platform. It enables marketers to identify, engage and retain users and provides developers.

However, this is not the first time that Elliot Alderson has notified users about the app’s security issues. Earlier this year, he claimed that OnePlus is allegedly sending clipboard data back to a Chinese server.

Alderson, who initially pointed out that the application, popularly known as NaMo app in India, earlier on Sunday posted a new tweet saying the app had “quietly” updated its privacy policy after his previous tweets.

The ruling BJP has also denied the allegations about the app’s privacy as well as the security issues and said the data was being used only for analytics to offer all users the “most contextual content”. It also hit out at the Congress, saying the opposition party’s app shared data with third parties without consent.

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