People Helping The Accident Victims Will Now Be Rewarded By The Delhi Govt.

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The Delhi Government came up with a new policy which will be beneficial to the victims of an accident and the person helping these victims. The Government came up with the Good Samaritan policy in which the person who helps the accident victims will be given Rs.2000 as a reward for taking the victims to the hospital.

Delhi’s deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia says that this scheme will encourage people to help the victims and they will be rewarded with a prize money of Rs. 2000 and an appreciation certificate will be given to them by the Delhi Government.

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The major problem is that the people present at the sight of the accident are afraid to take a stand and help the victims because of the fear of any legal allegation that they might face after helping the person who needs help. According to the experts, this move by the Delhi Government will give the bystanders incentive to help the victims of an accident and will provide them with reward along with the legal protection.

The director of road safety NGO SaveLife Foundation, Saji Cherian commented on the new policy by saying that this policy which was approved by the Supreme Court needs to be institutionalized better. The monetary reward is a great initiative but the one of the major problem faced by the person who helps the victims is the legal hassles. The citizens need a motivation to help and it is only possible when they have a proper assurance that they will not be chased around by the police.


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Delhi needed a state-specific policy and a very similar Good Samaritan policy for the protection of the accident victims was also passed in the Karnataka in November 2016. In 2012, SaveLife Foundation had filed a PIL and at last, the judgment finally came in 2016. The new policy in Karnataka was released with a few guidelines which also protected the person who helps from legal allegations and hassles. The guidelines had gained publicity when it first came, the guidelines gave full security to the person who helps the accident victims and will not be harassed or will not be charged with any legal allegations.

The Good Samaritan policy is very necessary because according to a report given by the Law Commission of India, around 50 percent of the lives could have been saved if the victims got immediate help. This policy enables a supportive legal and ethical environment which is crucial for saving lives.


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