Paytm Mall Is Offering Huge Cashback On All iPhones; Tap For Details

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Are you looking to buy a new iPhone? Well, looks like you just got a really nice opportunity to buy one as iPhones are selling with massive cashback on Paytm mall. All iPhones in addition to old as well as new ones, starting from the iPhone SE to the iPhone XS Max are selling with big cashback discounts on Paytm mall right now.

Consumers can get up to Rs 12,000 on buying iPhones from Paytm mall. In addition to the Paytm cashback offer, Paytm is also offering several other non-Paytm Cash cashback options.

If you are an ICICI credit card owner, you will get an additional 5 per cent extra cashback on buying any iPhone model from Paytm mall today. This ICICI credit card offer ends on May 31 on Paytm mall. The e-commerce site is yet to reveal the end of this cashback offer on iPhones. However, considering the cashbacks are huge we assume this offer may end as soon as the stock ends.

All the iPhone models starting from iPhone SE to iPhone XS Max are selling with massive cashbacks. Paytm has even listed multiple promo codes for different iPhone models.

Save7: By using this promo code, buyers can get up to 7 per cent Paytm Cash cashback with a maximum of Rs. 10,000. However, note that this promo code isn’t available for

Buy5:  With this promo code, buyers can get 5 per cent Paytm Cash cashback with a maximum of Rs 15,000.

Interested buyers can get the iPhone XS Max 256GB for an effective price of Rs 1,14,156 on Paytm mall today. The launch price of this version of the iPhone XS Max is Rs. 1,24,900. After applying both Paytm Cash cashback voucher and ICICI Bank Credit Card cashback offer iPhone XR 64GB model can be bought for Rs 53,697.


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