Now You Can Use Paytm Without Internet; Here Are The Details

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There is one generation who do not really get technology, let alone e-wallets. Understanding the mechanism of how it works, can be a bit struggling for this section of the society.

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But Paytm’s new move is going to change all of that. Paytm has introduced a concept where one can make the payment using the app without having to use the internet. The e-wallet company has introduced this new concept by collaborating with, a digital payment company, that focusses on NFC or Near Field Communication.

This is not the first time that Paytm has initiated to make offline payment a reality. Earlier in 2015, the company introduced QR code based offline payments for its users. However, this time Paytm has progressed a little bit further by making NFC -based offline payments a living reality.

Paytm Tap Card is the name of the concept on which the Internet-less payment will work.Say a Paytm user wants to pay with his balance but somehow he has no internet. This is where Paytm Tap Card comes to the rescue.

The user then simply has to scan the QR code on his/her Paytm Tap Card, which will directly load the card with his own Paytm money. The Paytm Tap Card needed to be scanned at Add Value Machines available at the merchant, which uses NFC mechanism to extract payment.

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Hence, without using the Internet at any point, the payment is transferred. However, if your Paytm Tap Card is already loaded with cash you don’t even need your phone. As per the official announcement made by Paytm, it will take just 0.5 seconds to make any payment, using this NFC-based Paytm Tap Card.

But now the question arises what do we really need to make the payment with the help of Paytm’s newest concept Paytm Tap Card, well, there are basically two external factors involved in the entire process. The most prominent thing that is needed for the process is a Paytm-issued NFC PoS Terminals, which merchants will need to install at their outlets. This can use NFC to scan the card and scoop out payments.

The second thing is the issuing of these cards. As per the reports, Paytm Tap Card is being made by Yeldi. As per information available on their site, this card costs Rs 100 and can be ordered from them. Very soon, it is expected, that Paytm will start issuing such cards. It is not clear, though, that the card would be paid or free.


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