Now You Can Easily Get Your Driving Licence Renewed, Here’s How

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Getting a driving license is considered to be a life-changing moment as you get your very own license to drive around with your favourite set of wheels on the road. Though after a while, you would not give your driving license much importance and would easily consider it an extraneous property, you can never really drive your vehicle on Indian roads without carrying one, as driving without a license is an offence. In India, having a license alone is not enough as you need to renew or update one as soon as it expires.
The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 makes it mandatory for every motor vehicle driver to own a valid driving license. A driving license is an official document provided by the Indian government that certifies an individual to drive on Indian roads. A driving license is acknowledged as a legal proof that allows you to drive on roads and also specifies that you are well acquainted with traffic rules and regulations. Violators of the same are liable to be fined.
You will have to submit a duly filled driving license renewal form and the mentioned set of documents at the regional transport office at the Driving Licence Branch in your state. You can download the driving license renewal form online or can collect it from the nearest RTO office. Your DL will be renewed for 5 years if it is for a Non-Transport Vehicle. In case of a private license, you will receive your renewed license the same day and in case of a commercial license, the renewal is made after verification of documents, and the maximum time taken is 30 days.
Form 9 i.e the form of Application for the Renewal of the Driving Licence is a simple document involving a small number of informational queries. Of course, a large part of this communication concerns the applicant’s current DL with space for appropriate authenticators and signatures. The completion of this form must be followed up with the attachment of the required documents before the procedures of the renewal of driving licence can be put into action. This KYC document is useful for the regional transport office officials to understand the specifics of the vehicle owner’s current driving license.
These documents are required for renewal of a driving license:
-Duly filled driving license renewal form. You can download the form online or can get one from your nearest RTO.
-Form 1-A medical certificate form that has to be filled by you and form 1 i.e. the application cum declaration of your physical fitness.
-Permanent driving license
-Proof of age. This can be substantiated by any valid government-issued document like PAN card, passport, voter ID card, etc.
-Passport size photographs of the applicant. Please note that the number of this differs from one state to another.
-In case of an address change in the driving license, you will have to get it changed within 1 month. This can be done at the RTO office that issued your original DL.
-If the permanent DL holder has moved to another state, then the aforementioned rule applies here too. In addition to that, a licence holder from another state has to submit a NOC (no objection certificate) which needs to be issued by the RTO/RTA at which the original licence had been issued.
Please note, that as a driving licence is a document which is issued by the RTO (regional transport office), the fees of it are likely to vary from state to state. Though the difference in the amount is not a lot, there is a difference on a smaller scale. Please refer to your respective state’s RTO office or portal to get a complete clarity on the fee charged in your state.
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