Now You Can Earn Extra Money Using These 6 Apps on Your Smartphone

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There are various ways available for someone who wants to earn money through internet but some of them are legit options while others may not help you earn money. The six smartphone apps described in this article may not make you rich overnight but they will surely help you in fulfilling everyday needs or it can even help you earn enough money to pay your monthly bills.


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In this application, a task is given to the user and after the mission has been completed, another task is given to the user on the basis of skills and experience. Every time you win a task, points will be given to you instead of providing direct money which can be directly transferred to your Paytm account. If you want to transfer the money to your Paytm account, the minimum amount of the money earned should be more than 60 rupees.


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This application started a few years back in 2014. The CrownIt application takes the online users to offline businesses such as restaurants, spas, and the users will get a cashback whenever he/she reaches one of the CrownIt partners and uploads the bill of the product/services purchased. The cashback depends upon the various purposes such as online shopping, movie tickets and talk time etc.


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In this application, you just have to click a picture and upload it to FOAP market where the interested customer can buy the uploaded pictures. The price range can even reach to 300 to 350 rupees per photo. Payment will reach the user of FOAP through PayPal.



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This application is one of the simplest ways to earn money online easily. In this app, your smartphone’s lock screen will be replaced by the advertisement that shows promoted content. Every time the slidejoy user sees an ad, carat will be given to that user. Once you have earned 1,000 carats, you will get an amount of 1 dollar which is approximately equal to 68 rupees. The user of this application should have a PayPal account and the money can be redeemed every 15 days.


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You can earn money through this app by installing a group of apps on your smartphone. The user will be rewarded with points that you can use to avail services such as recharging your prepaid number. You can also earn money for every advertisement that you see in the video format on this application.


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This application is also a targeted ad platform for various brands and the user who can earn money through application by using watching an advertisement. In this application, a user receives one rupee per advertisement. As the Keettoo app is linked with Paytm and Mobikwik wallets and the user can redeem the cash using theses e-wallets.


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