Now Send Your WhatsApp Message Without Typing; Here’s How

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If you are feeling too lazy to type a message to someone on WhatsApp, then you are in luck. The Facebook-owned app now has brought a voice feature on its platform, which allows users to dictate the message. However, the dictation feature already exists in Smart Voice Assistants like Google Assistant and Siri.

This new update simply means that users now have no need to write or type the message even, though they will need to manually press send in order to send the messages across. WhatsApp now has a mic feature that will allow us, its users dictate messages and send to contacts. The dictation feature is available for WhatsApp for Android and iOS. The feature can be found on the keyboard on WhatsApp.

Since the feature is now in-built in WhatsApp, users can directly start dictating a message from within the app using a new mic icon on the keyboard. All you need to do is to say out the message that you want to send, louder and the message will be delivered to the respective contact in your contact list. The name of this new feature is the WhatsApp Dictation feature. This feature has been made available for Android and iOS.

Here’s how to use dictation feature on WhatsApp

The first and foremost thing a user will need to do is open their WhatsApp account and then the contact they wish to send a message to, then pull out the keyboard used for typing WhatsApp message. You will find a black mic icon on top right, while this icon is present on the bottom right for iOS users.

Click on the mic icon to start dictating a message. It does seem to understand when to put ‘,’ when one says “comma” and ‘?’ when “question mark” is said. However, to add the symbol for the full stop, one has to say the word itself.

When you get done dictating a message, one will need to press the send button to finally send this dictated message to the contact. Keep in mind that it is best to enunciate each word when dictating and try not doing this in a crowded environment.

WhatsApp users can edit a dictated message before sending it as well, though that will need some more typing from you. The feature might come in handy for long messages when one can just use their voice instead on fingers to frame a message.

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