Now Book Indian Railways Unreserved Tickets Easily; Here’s How

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Under this new Indian railways scheme, now you no longer have to stand in long queues to buy unreserved tickets at railway stations. Now, You can book the unreserved tickets via the internet using the Indian Railways mobile application ‘UTS’ mobile app to buy tickets or even through their website.

Starting from next month, on November 1, you’ll be able to make use of this service as confirmed by the Railways Minister Piyush Goyal tweet on Tuesday. In actual, this scheme was initiated exactly 4 years ago, but it failed to catch on among passengers except in Mumbai, where it was first launched because a large number of people travel in locals.

After the service took a run in the metro city Mumbai, the service was later started in Delhi-Palwal and Chennai city. Currently, the scheme has already been implemented in 15 of its zones and it is open for those who want to buy tickets for travelling long distance. The scheme is also open for those who want to buy tickets for travelling long distance.

A senior railway official said in his statement of a press release that it’s not the first time Indian railways has taken the initiative, in fact, they have been trying to engage people to encourage the citizens living in India to use the UTS mobile application more and more. The numbers are growing and we are hopeful that once passengers understand the benefits of this app, they will buy their tickets online. He also added that as recorded in the last four years, there were around 45 lakh registered users of this app with around 87,000 tickets being bought per day on it on average.

A passenger needs to be around 25-30 metres away from the station to avail the application and is allowed to book only four tickets at a time through it. On the app, a registered user can not only buy tickets but also platform tickets and monthly passes.

The official Indian Railways app, popularly known as UTS mobile app can be used to not only for the purpose of booking train tickets but also to buy platform tickets and monthly passes. Debit cards or credit cards, net banking or other electronic payment methods can be used to make payments.

All you will have to do to book the unreserved tickets is to download the mobile app and complete your registration. After successful registration, you will be given a user-ID and password through which you can log-in and book ticket on the app. This application is available for both Android as well as Windows smartphone users.

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