New Feature Of WhatsApp Lets You Chat Without Opening The App

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The Facebook-owned WhatsApp is the most downloaded application in India and around the world. WhatsApp has around 2.5 billion users around the world and around 200 million people in India are using this application. The WhatsApp has made many changes in their application including several updates but the WhatsApp website is rarely used on the computer. But now WhatsApp has launched a very new feature of chatting without actually opening the app once.

At F8, it was revealed that they are also trying to add the group video calling option and slowly and steadily working in that way. Whereas the messaging application has registered a new domain called ‘’ that acts as a short link for the WhatsApp API (, WhatsApp users will need to update their app to version 2.18.138.

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The customers that want to try out this new feature then they should follow these steps “WhatsApp users first need to type (phone number) of the person they want to message on the platform. The URL is automatically redirected to the chat window. Once the messaging is enabled, the web page plugs into WhatsApp Web to let you chat with the mobile number you typed in the URL. If you enter a number not registered with WhatsApp then the URL will notify you with a message ‘phone number shared via URL is invalid’. The feature is not new but seems more like an extension of WhatsApp Web service”

In this, anyone can try out this feature on their smartphone browsers or on the desktop browsers. If you want to message a person with a number 000000 then after reaching the website, you need to type the this following URL will take you to chat window and once the “Message” button is clicked, the web page connects it into WhatsApp Web to let you chat with the person whose number you type in the URL.

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WhatsApp has also recently launched a new sticker album feature for WhatsApp beta. The application also has changed its privacy settings along with the terms of service to work in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which will come into effect in the European Union on May 25. The General Data Protection Regulation will come into effect and will be implemented as a measure of user data collection in the wake of the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica controversy.

Other than the news of the recent feature launched by the WhatsApp, another very interesting news related to both India and WhatsApp that is trending around the internet is about a report that the Facebook, WhatsApp’s parent company might announce Indian-born Neeraj Arora as the new head of WhatsApp.


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