This Website Lets You Choose The Best Tariff Plans Among All Telcos

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Telecom regulator Telecom Regulatory Authority of India today on 17th April rolled out a beta version of a site which has brought all the tariff plans offered by the telcos that exist in the country under one roof.

The site will provide information to all the consumers about the tariff plans that are there and will basically let them choose the best one by comparing the plans of all telcos altogether.

This portal is basically has been introduced so the transparency is ensured among consumers in available plans. TRAI has made the tariff plans available to consumers on this site in a downloadable format for an easy access.

TRAI also made another point on how the benefit of this portal is not just limited to the consumers but it will also help other stakeholders do a comparative analysis. The data can be used to build tariff-comparison apps and products, just as one sees for insurance or airline fares.

Initially, the telecom regulator has made the facility available for the Delhi circle only and has sought the feedback from the users from this circle about the new site over the next fortnight. TRAI Secretary, S K Gupta is urging the consumers to participate in their latest move so that new possibilities, as well as loopholes, can be detected at its earliest stage.

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Gupta also explained that earlier the downloadable data that is present on the site was also open to third-party users, such as apps like Paytm, Cleartrip etc, who can download the data and use it for giving a more consumer-friendly outlook.

When he was asked if this latest move of TRAI is some another way to weed out segmented plans, which carriers offer to individual customers without sharing them publicly, he completely denied and said that the portal’s aim was not that.

“This has nothing to do with segmented offers. All tariffs that have been filed with Trai will be on the portal,” he clarified. He further added that in the time span of just 15 days the telecom regulator will have an idea that will set the stage for a framework for all-India tariffs information that has to be provided on the site.

At present, the operators offer information on various tariffs on their own websites but, in the past, the incumbent operators have been accused due to lining up the customised retention offers for subscribers and not openly publicising those on their websites.

Currently, TRAI has barred all the telcos of the country from offering pricing packages to individual subscribers to retain them without offering all customers the same tariff plan, through two separate orders over last year, with one on predatory pricing that came out on February 16 this year.

To see the tariff plans of all the telcos, click here.

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