JioPhone gets YouTube app, here’s how to download

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Reliance JioPhone is slowly transforming into a feature-packed, affordable phone. The 4G-ready feature phone already runs Google services like Google Maps and even the Google Assistant. Recently the phone got WhatsApp and this week, we’re seeing YouTube becoming available on the JioStore.
The app was demoed alongside Facebook’s messaging app a few months back and the web version of YouTube caters to all the features of the regular app we use on smartphones.
The app works similar to the application on other platforms and allows users to watch YouTube videos on the go. It also includes the option to share the video with your friends via social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. In order to download the YouTube app on your JioPhone, go to the JioStore from the main interface and then look for YouTube app from the listing.
Once you see YouTube app listing, click on the install option to begin downloading the application. JioPhone users will only be able to access YouTube videos on their JioPhone if they have the latest software running on their device. It is recommended that you look for the latest software update on your JioPhone by heading to Settings >> Device >> Software Update.
The report adds that the YouTube experience on JioPhone is similar to that on Android and iOS device, except features like Dark Mode, Incognito mode or the ability to download videos to watch offline are not available on the handset. JioPhone users can watch YouTube videos and share them with their contacts on other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. One can sign in to YouTube with their Gmail account to see personalized suggestions in the Home tab.
You can browse through different videos by moving the cursor on the app with the phone’s joystick at the center. Granted, the size of the screen is small (for watching videos) but that hasn’t stopped more than 6 million JioPhone users from buying this device, which is the most affordable in the market to support 4G connectivity.
The cursor is fairly responsive to your movements, but typing on the T9 version keyboard won’t suit today’s smartphone generation. The videos can be viewed in full-screen mode by tilting the screen and that’s the best you can expect from a phone, which costs Rs 1,500.
The JioPhone has taken over the feature phone market with over 48 percent share, even though you’re looking at most buyers from the non-urban region of India. Expect more apps to launch on the device in the coming months, especially with Google buying a stake in Kai OS, the software running on the JioPhone and the JioPhone 2.
The original JioPhone was launched last year. The second-generation JioPhone or JioPhone 2 made its debut at the company’s AGM meeting earlier this year. Reliance Jio claims that 25 million users in India are using JioPhone devices, and is targeting close to 100 million users on the overall platform. JioPhone 2 comes pre-loaded with WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube, Google Maps apps. The smart feature phone was launched at an introductory price of Rs 2,999.
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