Jio Will Launch A Super Cheap Smartphone With These Awesome Features

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After the Jio Phone, Reliance Jio is planning to come up with an ultra-low priced 4G VoLTE smartphone under the LYF brand in partnership. It will be working with Taiwanese chipmaker, MediaTek to launch the smartphone. The move, by many, is seen as a way to bring in more subscribers for the new entrant amid stiff competition from India’s older telcos. People familiar with the matter said Reliance is likely to adopt a similar approach to what it did for the Jio Phone and offer the smartphone bundled with a Reliance SIM card.

MediaTek was one of the first players to offer Android Go compatibility. The company’s collaboration with Reliance Jio and Google would pave way for more capable entry-level 4G VoLTE smartphones.

The upcoming Jio phone will also be an Android Go smartphone. Android Go works with phones that have, say 512MB or 1GB of RAM. It also has built-in data management features and security benefits that the main version of Android offers.

Reliance Jio disrupted the feature phone and entry-level smartphone markets with a smart feature phone called JioPhone. Offered at an effective price of Rs 1, 500 (refundable after three years), JioPhone sold about 6 million units when it went on the sale for the first time in September. But the new Jio smartphone can go far under that price if speculations are to be believed.

Reliance has given no specific date for the launch of the smartphone. The arrival of an Android Go smartphone from Reliance Jio also raises questions on the future of Reliance JioPhone.


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