IRCTC’s Latest Facility Allows Passengers To Transfer Tickets To Relatives

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Indian railways is called the national transporter for a reason. This transport facility alone facilitates millions of passengers each day. Railways’ tourism and catering arm IRCTC handles e-ticketing, catering and tourism for the railways. Passengers can book their tickets online in advance through IRCTC website and app.

In case there are any changes in the travel plan and the passenger wish to cancel their ticket, they can do so without losing all their money. IRCTC has certain cancellation and refund rules which clarify cancellations charges and other details regarding ticket cancellation and refund.

In the wake of a few complications that arise when passengers want to cancel the ticket, IRCTC, therefore, has introduced a new facility that will allow passengers to transfer their railway ticket to someone else instead of cancelling it. Before this new facility, passengers were forced to cancel their confirmed Indian Railways ticket at least 24 hours before the journey to get a refund and if they somehow fail to cancel their ticket, they had to pay the penalty for it. However, now passengers can transfer the ticket to someone else by submitting a request at least 24 hours prior to departure of the train.

As per the new guidelines issued by IRCTC, a traveller can now transfer his/her ticket to family members including father, mother, brother, sister, son, daughter, husband or wife. Also, this ticket transfer facility can be used for both offline and online tickets. This facility has also been extended to students of recognised educational institutions.

The passengers were earlier allowed to book tickets through e-ticketing till 23.30 hours as IRCTC used to shut down its central server for one hour every day. However, in a bid to improve passenger convenience, IRCTC has increased the time for reserving tickets on its e-ticket booking portal by 15 minutes up to 23.45 hours.

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