Instagram Users Now Can Shop From Within The App

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The Facebook-owned Instagram is trying to push its limits in e-commerce space and has recently launched a new feature of saving payment information and the application user can directly buy the products from the app itself.

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In the setting feature of the application, someone can store the debit or credit card details, track previous payments and even set a pin for extra security. Earlier, the user had to visit a third-party website and it was decreasing the usage of the Instagram app.

This feature will support the various businesses and help in the advertising of the product on the photo-sharing platform. It has launched the following feature for the native payments in the United States but the application is progressing towards making it possible for the masses.

The application is making it possible that the users do not have to leave the platform and they can buy the product from the retailer’s online site already present in the Instagram. It will provide total convenience to its users because they won’t need to go to other sites for booking an appointment or for making any payments.

“For example, a salon could allow customers to book services such as haircut, colouring, make-up etc. directly from within their Instagram profile, and have users pay without them ever having to leaving the app. Native payments for booking appointments like at restaurants or salons is now live for a limited set of partners” confirmed Instagram as told by the TechCrunch report.

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Instagram parent Facebook has been trying to immerse in the e-commerce and fulfilment of the various payments without leaving the application and the Facebook messenger also supports peer to peer feature for payments. It though was unclear till now whether the Instagram too will take the path of the Facebook or this time it is going to be somewhat different than that of the peer to peer feature.

When the Instagram launched its video calling feature, it instantly became very popular and people are thoroughly enjoying this new feature where they can talk to their followers as told by the CEO Mark Zuckerberg. But Instagram’s visual presentation of the various brand will provide a bigger platform and ease the work of the Instagram users.

Instagram had confirmed about launching this feature back in March 2017 but it had never confirmed anything related to the payment system in the application. The famous brands and companies that were earlier ignoring Instagram will be attracted toward the Instagram’s new feature where Instagram spreads around increasing business opportunities and companies can attract customers towards their brand.

Even though it is a major social media revolution but Instagram is not alone in this race. Its competitor Snap offered a similar update a few weeks back. In the application Snap, a new feature Shoppable lets its users shop without leaving the application.


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