Instagram Update: ‘Questions In Live’ And New Features For Stories

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The Facebook-owned platform Instagram has a reputation of bringing a whole new type of interactive features for their users.

Following that, Instagram has now brought a whole new update on its platform naming ‘Questions in Live’ along with some interactive features for Instagram Stories. The new Instagram update has been rolled out for both Android and iOS users. With this new update, users will now be able to respond to questions in form of music in Stories.

However, according to several sources, Instagram has revealed that the reply to questions sticker feature will only be available in regions where Instagram’s music library is accessible. Now the question is, how does this feature really work? Well, your followers will start seeing a question sticker on your Stories along with a new music icon. Clicking on that icon will allow them to pick and share a song as an answer from their own Instagram music library.

The question sticker can also be used in Instagram live videos as it lets you post questions similar to the Stories format. The time any of your Insta friends are live on the platform, he or she will be able to see your questions along with an option to answer them. Other followers will also be able to see the question that is being answered. Instagram has added another feature in the camera which lets music being played on the app itself. The users can make use of this feature simply by just swiping to the music section and then selecting the new icons to present above the capture button.

There is also a new interactive countdown sticker for Instagram Stories through which users will be able to add a countdown sticker to their story by selecting it from the sticker tray. This new Instagram feature can be used by adding a name your countdown, end date or time and customising the colour before sharing it to your story.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter about Creator Accounts, Ashley Yuki, an Instagram product manager said the idea is to help the creator community on the app. Earlier in the month, Instagram launched a new feature popularly known as ‘Close friends’, a feature that will let you share your stories with some selected group of friends. The tests actually commenced in June 2017, and was then referred to as ‘Favorite.’ However, not only has the test been successfully completed, the feature has now been renamed as ‘Close Friends.’

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