Instagram Reaches All-Time High, Launches Stunning New App For Users

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Instagram has recently reached a new milestone as the Facebook-owned app has attained the mark of 1 billion monthly active users since its launch in October 2010. In order to mark the occasion, the social media platform has launched a new app only for the long-form videos.

To beat other rivals like YouTube and Twitter’s Periscope, the popular app has launched IGTV app which will feature videos only. The IGTV app has been launched in order to attract the video-loving audience. In the Instagram app, there will be a tab dedicated only to the videos.

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The new app launched by the Instagram is available both for the Android smartphone users as well as iOS smartphone users. The users have to just click on the suggested pages of Instagram or Facebook account. Personalized recommendations of the pages will also be available and details of the content creators will be present for the users to follow.

The idea behind this new application is that the people can watch videos without having to make efforts of entering a search term and it will also save the time of the user. Kevin Systrom who is Instagram’s CEO stated that the new application is similar to the television that you simply turn on and watch.

The new platform is for both content creators and video lovers which will eventually create new space for monetization via ads. The plus point of this application is that the content creators can directly upload videos on it and it will also be available on the Instagram app.


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However, the Instagram app has the option of posting videos but there is a time restriction on it. In the new IGTV application, videos with a length of 10 minutes to hour-long videos can be shared by the content creators. The additional point to be noted that the company might end these time limits in future which means that the videos with an unlimited time limit will be allowed to be uploaded on the app.

Before the launch of the new application, Instagram has started to offer a new feature in which the customers will be able to buy products from Instagram itself. Now Instagram Stories will be used to sell the products by various brands.

Earlier the application would allow serving ads in which the customers were able to buy the products without leaving the photo-sharing platform but now the company has decided to expand its shopping experience on Instagram. The users of Instagram will be able to view the see stickers with a shopping bag icon on products featured in a story. The popular app started evaluating the shopping feature a long time back to make Instagram a profitable social media model.


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