Indian Railways Is Giving You A Chance To Win Rs 10 Lakh; Check Details Here

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Indian Railways runs 13,329 passenger services daily catering to 22.24 million passengers. However, it still fails to satisfy many of its commuters.

If you are one of those passengers who at one point of the time resented the services by the Indian railways then here is your chance to change that forever.

Indian railways is actually giving you a chance to really do something to change the things that have been going on for a while now with a strong practical solution. And the best part is that they are willing to pay you for it and also with a handsome amount.

By taking part in the competition titled ‘How to Raise Money For Railways To Provide Better Services’ one can send some practical ways to raise money to help it improve services and one who will come with the best idea to do that, will be awarded with Rs. 10 lakh.

The second prize winner will receive Rs. 5 lakh and the third prize winner will be bestowed with a sum of Rs. 3 lakh, while the fourth prize draws a sum of Rs. one lakh. So if you have some stunning ideas, that can help Indian Railways to reduce their expenses, then you stand a chance to win Rs 10 lakh as a prize from them!

Follow these steps to submit your ideas to Indian Railways:

-First, visit their official site and after landing on the site just click on “click to participate” button
-Now register yourself and before submitting your final idea make sure that you once go through the general guidelines.
-Write down your ideas and concepts in 1000 words and prepare an abstract of 250 words in English/Hindi.

May 19th, 6 PM is the final date and time for submitting your ideas.

To write an essay on your idea the railways’ ministry also gives you an idea by giving the information about the gross revenue of Railways, that was Rs. 1,65,292 crore while working expenses for the year was Rs. 1,59 lakh crore. The government has made an observation that the railway’s revenue has been almost stagnant for last four years, whereas the working expenses have been rising steadily. This has caused fall in an investible surplus of Railways, thus affecting the quality of services.

Here is the breakdown of the criteria, based on which the prize winners would be decided:

-The viability of project: 30% weightage
-Revenue potential: 20% weightage
-Customer convenience: 10% weightage
-Scalability: 10% weightage
-Cost-effectiveness: 10% weightage
-Compliance with boundary conditions: 10% weightage
-Detail orientation: 5% weightage
-Quality of presentation: 5% weightage

For any enquiry or doubt, you can email at

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