In-Car Wireless Charger Will Be Launched Soon By This Indian Startup

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Pavan Pudipeddi, who is a founder and CEO of Bengaluru-based wireless charging company PowerSquare states that iPhone charging cable or Android cable may become irrelevant in near future. The company PowerSquare was established a few years back in 2012. The company is currently trying to make wireless charging mat for multiple devices.

Qi wireless charger of PowerSquare Company is present in the market and is available at a price range of 5000 rupees. Even though some of the companies are providing wireless chargers at a low price but PowerSquare company claims that the technology of their Qi wireless charger allows “position-free” wireless charging.

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The Qi wireless charger of other companies are rather small to place your smartphone on and these small wireless chargers stop charging after a slight change in the position of the smartphone. But the Qi wireless charger of PowerSquare provides more space to place the smartphone and freedom to move.

According to Pavan Pudipeddi, the company wanted to bring forward such technology that the users don’t even have to look while placing their smartphones on the Qi wireless charger. The company is also trying to come up with a solution to the problem of charging multiple devices and the company promises that there will be a dramatic change in how the smartphones are charged using their wireless chargers.

India is not lacking behind even though the United States is one of the biggest markets for the wireless chargers. The market of wireless markets will be huge by 2022. The smartphones compatible with the wireless chargers will soon be launched in the market in next 18 to 24 months as the number of the smartphones in India is rapidly increasing. This will help the technology to become more popular among masses and wireless chargers with varied price ranges will be available for the Indian customers.


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Puddipedi mentioned that the company is currently working on in-car wireless charging space and some major automobile makers and plastic manufacturers are working with PowerSquare to develop in-car wireless chargers.

The in-car charging device will be totally safe as the power will be transferred to the valid device and will energize the coil only when the charging pad finds the device. The company is planning to launch wireless charging mat and a power bank this year which will be first available in US markets.

The power bank will charge the smartphones wirelessly and the power bank can be charged wirelessly. According to the founder of PowerSquare, these devices have been developed and seemed to work well. PowerSquare is now planning to launch these devices between the price ranges of Rs. 3,850 to Rs. 6,400 in the US market.


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