If You Want To Nail An Interview, Avoid Making These 5 Mistakes At Any Cost!

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An interview is a key to every job interview where you can present yourself as the best candidate for the role. Due to the interview stress, most of us still make simple errors which can cost them the job.

There is no shame in that! All it means is that we need a little extra help, that’s all. Take a look at the few interview mistakes we all should definitely avoid making.

Being unprepared

Preparation is key to any interview. A lack of preparation gives you a major disadvantage over other candidates and will cost you a job before you have even walked in the door. The most important question which is undoubtedly asked is about the company. Do a little research before an interview, visit the company website and LinkedIn profile. Make few pointers on your phone a day before so that you can go through before the interview.

Dressing inappropriately

When you interview a job, it’s very important to look professional and polished. Don’t forget your first impression is the last impression. You should feel comfortable in what you wear, of course – which is why you should avoid any clothing items that can either get stuck in odd places or ones that are likely to make you trip. Wearing heels might add an impressive inch or two to your height, but if they make you feel like you can’t keep up with your interviewers as they show you around the office, skip them.

Being too quiet

When you’re being asked a question, they’ll be expecting a precise answer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take that opportunity to let them get to know you better. For example, when you’re asked what your biggest weakness is, don’t just tell them that you’re a bit impatient when you’re working in a team. Tell them how you go about trying to overcome that impatience. This shows your awareness of the issue and your willingness to move past it.

Attending personal calls

Before you get to your interview, silence your phone. Texting during your interview is not only rude and disruptive, but it’s a pretty clear message to your potential employer that getting the job is not your top priority. Answering personal calls during your interview is the worst possible thing you can do. Try arranging for another family member to be on call in case of a problem at home and let your current office know that you’ll be unavailable for a short while.

Talking poorly about past employers

Don’t make the mistake of badmouthing your boss or co-workers. It’s sometimes a smaller world than you think and you don’t know who your interviewer might know. If you can talk badly about one employer, you can talk poorly about the new ones in the future too. If you’ve had an impossible time at your previous job and you want to convey that, stick to facts. Talk about the negatives in terms of workload, pressure, or management – not just people.



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