How To Withdraw Money From ATM Without Debit Card

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How many times it has happened to you that you are in urgent need of the money and so you go to the nearest ATM but what you then realize is there is no card in your pocket or your card stops working all of a sudden.

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This could be distressing to many, but the most important thing then is to come up with a solution. There are a couple of ways to solve the problem so you can get the money you need. Well, you may be surprised to know but without your Debit card, you can still perform the withdrawal of cash with some simple steps and here is how you can do it.

Believe it or not, but it’s true. Several banking organizations in the country, have taken the initiative and introduced card-less transactions for customers to help users’ needs and save them some time. All that you need for this solution is a registered mobile phone and Adhaar Card no.

Follow these steps if you want to withdraw cash without a debit card:

-To avail this benefit, the first thing you need to do is to get yourself registered in the bank. The registration can be done either with the help of net banking or can also be done once you visit the branch of your bank. Another way to get your registration done is to simply dial the customer helpline no for their help.

-After the registration request is once processed you will be sent a 4-Digit MPIN (Mobile Personal Identification Number) on your registered mobile number. This 4-digit MPIN will later serve as a security code and will work as same as an ATM PIN.

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This will be the passcode for Mobile-based ATM Transactions only.

-After the bank officials help you complete the entire process of the registration, you will then be enabled to download the official app to make transactions.

Users will be advised to download the app directly from the link that would be attached to the SMS sent to your phone. On clicking the link you will directly land on the download page, from here you can install the app easily.

-After this just launch the Indus mobile application and type your 4-digit MPIN. Then click on the card-less withdrawal button.

-When you select the card-less withdrawal option, the bank will forward you an OTP. This OTP will help you set another password for your application.

-After that choose cash on mobile option displayed on ATM screen. You will be prompted to enter your mobile number, the amount of money and the password you have been received on your mobile, and finally, a password generated by yourself.

-After close verification, your amount will be dispensed by the ATM Machine.

There are several numbers of things that you need to keep in mind while using this medium for cash withdrawal. For starters, MPIN enables you to withdraw up to 5000/- a day. Through Aimpis, fund transfer limit will be escalated to 30,000/- per day. With respect to SMS service, the limit is set to maximum Rs. 4000/- per day and for the bill payment, transaction limit will be Rs 20,000/- each day.


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