Here’s How You Can Watch Region-locked YouTube Videos In India

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At times, a lot of videos on YouTube cannot be played since these are not available in your country. This phenomenon was more common earlier.

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However, the case has changed in the present scenario. More and more content creators are realizing the futility of locking a video and making it unavailable in certain countries. This leads to the loss of a number of viewers from that specific area.

While the problem is negligible, it still occasionally surfaces, particularly for something that is hot and trending.

It is easy to open these region-locked videos on YouTube. The answer, as always, lies in using a proxy or VPN server, which allows you to use an IP address from outside India to access something.

There are several methods to access a blocked video, but the easiest, and free, is the use of Opera.

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Here’s what you need to do.

Step 1.  You need to download and install the latest version of Opera Browser on your PC.

Step 2. After installing it, Open Opera Browser

Step 3. Now Go to Settings > Privacy & Security and check the Enable VPN option under the VPN section. This will activate the VPN on the web browser

Step 4. After the browser is connected to VPN, the VPN button will turn Blue. You can also specify the VPN location according to your choice

In the case of mobiles

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If you want to access locked videos from your smartphones, Download the Opera VPN.

Open the app. Tap on the “connect” button.

Once the VPN is connected, open the app or web page where you were trying to watch the video. It should work now.

This method will help you to watch region-locked YouTube videos in India. These easy steps will easily bypass YouTube’s regional filter and will enhance your YouTube experience.


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