Here’s How You Can Protect Your Gmail Account From Third Party Access

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Privacy has become a major concern because of the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal that recently came to light. The social media giant Facebook, Cambridge Analytica is at the center of an ongoing dispute over the alleged use of personal data. Both companies deny any wrongdoing. However, the company has claimed that the reporters tricked the company and they never had any intention of carrying out the scenarios that have been discussed.

Earlier this week, a report was released which claimed that Google’s Gmail mailing platform is allowing third-party app developers to access your emails even though promises of utmost privacy and security is made to the users. As per the report, many outside developers are being allowed to scan the emails of the users who already have signed up for newsletters on various websites. Google after the spread of this report stated in a blog post that it continues to vet developers and their apps before general access is opened up.

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According to Google, the automatic processing of emails takes place in order to reduce any spam and phishing attempts and the content of the email are not processed to serve ads. Because of the practice of automatic processing, some have speculated mistakenly that their emails are read by Google. The company has assured the users that their emails are not read by Google but it is only allowed in some specific cases that include investigating a bug or abuse.

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Coming back to the app developers and their access, the vetting process involves the proper representation of the developers and only ask for the relevant data with clear and prominent disclosures. If the user feels unsure about the access app has then the user can either check or remove an app integration. Google also recommend their users to make use of the Security Checkup section so that they can control data access to apps that are linked to your Gmail account. the Security Checkup section provides the users to revoke account login from dormant devices. The users can also review sign-ins on Web and mobile and can update recovery methods.

Those who want to set permissions can browse through the official landing page. Once the user logs in into the account, the number and extent of third-party apps have access to your Google account will be visible. The users need to look for the keyword “Has access to Gmail”. The users do not have the permit to close the access for Gmail selectively. The Gmail account holders need to click on the option of Remove Access to completely stop the app from accessing any data from your Google account. The shutting down will also include options like Google Contacts, Drive, Calendar, Hangouts, Google+, and more. The Gmail users are a part of G Suite and can rely on admins, who can whitelist any non-Google apps.


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