Here’s How You Can Find Out What Facebook Knows About You

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Facebook is a really good place to stay in touch with your close friends as well as your family, but in exchange of that you will have to lose the authority of your private information and also has to allow the social media platform to keep track on all your activities.

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They keep a track of our activities so the advertisers can benefit from it and can instead show you stuff you will want to buy. Facebook is no longer a safe space to share things as it can lead to the reveal of your most private information.

Facebook has been creeping on its users since the very beginning and now everyone is very well familiar with that. In fact, even Facebook itself has confirmed to the allegations that it has been using the private data of their users and sharing it with other big companies in the market.

Bottom line, you cannot really escape it, however, you can control a lot of things that go out on the internet, also there is still a lot you can do to control the ads you see. And there’s also stuff you can do to stop Facebook from watching what you do on the rest of the internet in service of its advertisers.

There are few ways from which you can figure everything out about the privacy that Facebook has been promising to its users and also can know everything the platform knows about you.Besides all the usual arguments about privacy, there is another good reason to figure out what Facebook knows about you and participate in that. It shows you ads based on what it thinks you like.

There are a total number of three ways that Facebook can help you figure you out.
-Things that you directly tell to the platform such as name, age, marital status, parental status, where you live, work, went to school, etc.

-Things that you do on Facebook, including all the stuff that you have “liked,” groups you joined, photos and links you’ve shared, among more.

-Third things that Facebook knows about you is the rest of the things that you do on the internet. Several sites on the internet track all this information via cookies. Facebook, on the other hand, use these cookies to know things that you usually surf so it can help advertisers to show only that stuff that you usually tap on or are interested in.

There’s a way where you can stop Facebook to spy on your web activity. Just head to your Facebook news feed and tap on the cross sign that you can see on the right-hand corner of the ad. After crossing it, look for a little arrow & Click on it, then look for “Why am I seeing this?” From here you can tell Facebook to stop showing you ads from a particular advertiser.

But it won’t stop your Facebook to show you ads so there is one more to way to stop that. Click on the lock icon in the blue bar. Then click on “Ads” in the left column, then choose “Off.” This will not stop Facebook entirely from showing you just as many ads, but it won’t be using all your web activity for them.


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