Here’s How You Can Download Everything Google Knows About You

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Facebook has been facing a lot of criticism lately over its data privacy scandal, on how they have been collecting in-depth data of their customers. For bigger companies.

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And after Facebook now Google is in the limelight for collecting numerous amount of private information from its consumers.

For many of us, Google and its array of services are conveniences unlike any other. For search, there’s Google, for our daily. Such is the scale of Google’s top products that most of them have over 1 billion users. And that’s a lot of data.

But did you know that whatever Google does with our data is something that we can actually have a look at in the account settings, from your Google Maps data to whether you have personalised ads turned on?

Here’s how you can download your data archive:

Since you have been using Google as well as your Android phone for a while now there are more chances that the company has been recording most of your data and they are not collecting your data without your permission. In fact, users give Google permission to record their data in the beginning only.

One can go to and download all their data. Google data can be downloaded as a zip file and this will include all your documents from Google Drive, your data from Google Fit app if you use that, your notes from Google Keep, YouTube data, etc.

Thankfully Google’s Activity controls allow every single one of its users to turn off personalised ads. To do that just visit MyAccounts, Go to Ad settings, and you will see an option for ‘Personalise the Ads you see.’ Click on Manage activity and then turn off this particular activity.

Google says “Ads Personalization works differently when you are on one of the 2+ million websites that partner with Google to show ads.”

You will notice another option just at the bottom of the page. This option will directly lead to a link for “WebChoices: Digital Advertising Alliance’s Consumer Choice Tool for Web.”

Here there will be names of various companies and you can choose to opt-out of customised ads from all these players while browsing the web on your desktop.

In order to manage the privacy of your private data preferences, you can just go to and view almost all of the settings, including the ones around data use. Alternately, on Gmail, tap the icon where your account profile picture appears and the option for my account should open up below this.



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